Monday, August 22, 2011

World Photography Day

In honour of World Photography Day (19th August), and also because this is my final year in college and next year I can take pictures of more exciting places! I thought I would document my day there. Of course, getting there involves walking to and from college, which is far more exciting than college itself on some days, so this set of photos isn't strictly constrained to campus grounds. But there's enough Stephania floating around in the archives, anyway. Here's my photographic ode to Delhi University.

8.15 am

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11.45 am

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3.05 pm


Happy days, these. Starting in yellower-than-sunshine stop lights on my favourite way to walk to class, sprinkled with ephemeral rainstorms, friends, their full wallets(!), lost keys and by-the-by astronomy lessons, and ending with a nap that quintessentialises college life: whatever you want, anywhere you like. Man, I'm going to miss this place.

Happy (belated) Photography Day, everyone!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Yeni, the Turkish word for new. I like how it sounds like yes and no, the mixed up feelings you get when change has just blown you into a new place.

Or a new time, for that matter.

Why do I say that? Because this blog is a year old. A long-term relationship with the slow picturisation of my life. Much has happened in the past year, and yet it doesn't feel like all that long. It's been a much-awaited exploration of a lot for me, and I'm glad I've had somewhere to reflect on them, and someone to share them with. Thank you, everyone, for patiently following, commenting (and complimenting), and mostly, keeping me company.

I'm just going to continue to look out my (new house's) window, and show you the view.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A bit of wabi-sabi from the trenches.

Because every time she saw him for the last time,
that thing ensconced by her ribcage
into a zillion shards of coloured glass,
scattering haphazard rainbows
of sparkling broken light.

Like pieces of a butterfly's wing,
hidden in the mossy brickwork
of a walkway
they were going to build over.

      (PS:       Our college is nuts. Just thought I should tell you. They're covering up everything charming about the building in marble that reeks of money, without actually making sure all the stuff underneath works. Water, electricity, ventilation. Boy, some alumni are going to rave.
     PPS:      This photo is entirely unedited. The first in a long time. Maybe I should get back to doing that some more.)