Friday, September 13, 2013

Mestreech, Maestricht, Maestrique

Welcome to Maastricht!

This is our river, the holy Maas

and this is our (dare I say favourite) bookstore, in a church!

This is the town hall

and this what random town things look like

This is the first lunch I made in my apartment,

and the Salade Limburgaise I had a while after, served to me by biker dudes running a wood-fired oven pizza stall at the Bruis (Browz) Music Festival.

These are the inhabitants of Maastricht I sometimes run into while walking around the city,

and some more

and one more.

Here's some colour,

and some child labour, also at Bruis.

And here are the tents and a little Nanya peeking out at the world ending from behind her lens.

Do I like it here?

I love it!

(And you should come visit.)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello, Flatlands

Guys, I'm here!
The past three weeks have been absolutely nuts in the nicest ways possible, but you'll hear more about that soon. For now, click on this picture and take thirteen seconds to admire the gorgeous expanse of rural Dutch sky.

Sigh, I know.