Friday, September 13, 2013

Mestreech, Maestricht, Maestrique

Welcome to Maastricht!

This is our river, the holy Maas

and this is our (dare I say favourite) bookstore, in a church!

This is the town hall

and this what random town things look like

This is the first lunch I made in my apartment,

and the Salade Limburgaise I had a while after, served to me by biker dudes running a wood-fired oven pizza stall at the Bruis (Browz) Music Festival.

These are the inhabitants of Maastricht I sometimes run into while walking around the city,

and some more

and one more.

Here's some colour,

and some child labour, also at Bruis.

And here are the tents and a little Nanya peeking out at the world ending from behind her lens.

Do I like it here?

I love it!

(And you should come visit.)

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