Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Way You Look (At Yourself) Tonight

The Delhi Jazz Festival was this weekend. I'd only managed to catch the very end of it last year, so I made up for it this year by going on three days out of four. Lucky me!

Jazz always takes me to a place with endless, wine-filled Sundays. With women in long dresses and short hair, this playlist, and Will (or Ella) Fitzgerald on a grand piano. This year, the music was lovely and the park was filled with just the sort of people you'd expect at an outdoor music festival -- and some you wouldn't. They were all over the place, some in chairs, some on sheets in the grass with picnic baskets. Some children, some couples, some joints. And sax in the background.

As I entered, the sun was setting. If there were ever a lack of proof that I love sunsets, this'll show you. I go to jazz concerts and take photos of the sky!

And then there were the other artists (because who's to say nature isn't the greatest artist of all).

The New Bone Quintet Band from Poland

Sylvie Bourban from Switzerland

The Jorge Pardo Huellas Quartet from Spain

Dhruv Ghanekar from India

The New South Africa Jazz Collective

...and finally, there were children watching great big fireworks (and stage lights) melt into the moon.

It was a very old world feel.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rooting to Not Lose

When you find yourself going astray, look to your roots, to the things that keep you centered and motivated, for they will keep you true to yourself.

And if you find your roots beginning to bind you too tightly, let go of them a little. For they are only there to support you while you explore the world, not to reign you in completely.

Above: the first of the spring buds in the neighbourhood. Taken with an iPhone.