Saturday, October 30, 2010

History is a Cylinder

The Mughals and their architecture. Spellbinding.

Seriously. I never thought the Qutub Minar could be this gorgeous. I mean, in the distance, it's just a multi-coloured cylinder, fuzzed in the Delhi smogosphere.

Up close, it's quite something else.

The Qutub Minar   IMG_3314

Layers of toffee-coloured Mughal rule enshrined in a tower. Years of Delhi's history, neatly contained in a truncated cone.

While we're on the subject of truncated cones (groan, if you must), it struck me that history is kind of like a cylinder. 'What on earth?', you ask. Well, a cylinder is just another name for a cone whose apex is at infinity. And the Qutub Minar seems like the perfect example of this: built from the bottom, one floor at a time, extending infinitely higher as time goes by. A historical cone into the unending sky.

Beautiful, isn't it?


I would fail at further describing how seeing it made me feel, because the sight of such a magnificent relic so close made my head spin like a sea of bubbles, rendering any thoughts incoherent. So instead, because most of you live in or around Delhi, I'll take you there someday. And then we can gaze up at the skies, admire history and art, and thank god we're alive. How does that sound?

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  1. I don't live in or around Delhi! I wanna gaze at the skies and admire history and art tooooo :(