Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Kids Know More

"Do you know what butterflies' favourite food is?", my cute seven-year old cousin very seriously asked me when she saw the picture below.


"Uh, leaves?", I meekly ventured, embarrassed at not knowing more.

"Bananas!", she leapt up, like it was the most obvious thing. "If you want to attract a butterfly, just hold a banana close to it, and it'll come flying to you."

"Oh" was really all I could muster. Is there a factbook where kids learn this kind of stuff?

"I tried feeding one once. It was very sticky, so I shook it off." Cue, hand-shaking hula-hoop wiggle dance.

"Wait, which was sticky -- the banana or the butterfly?"

Pause. She wrinkled her nose. "Well, the banana was a little soggy, and the butterfly was a little sticky too."