Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ambling, Rambling

I got my camera this weekend! And we got to know each other a little bit better yesterday. That's the first step to falling in love, isn't it?

On my first walk around the city with my new baby, we saw a forest! With at least fifty-four kinds of trees. And bougainvillea, pretty as ever.

Then, we met a doggy! He nodded off more than a couple times as I went click-click-click too close too his snout. (Why they call it a dog's life, I will never understand.)

And then we saw Millie. (You've met her before!)

If I said I were overjoyed, it wouldn't be enough. After all the waiting, watching, saving and choosing, I have the fanciest camera I can dream of. And while I still have an insanely long way to go, and a huge amount to learn, I can finally fully say again: I'm happy.

(PS: Click these to view in large!)

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