Friday, February 1, 2013

Tea and Thunderstorms (aka A Post About Friendship)

Kulhar Chai. Jaipur Lit Fest, 2013.

To me, tea is synonymous with friendship. Both exist in a myriad of forms and flavours, and each kind is perfect for a certain place and time. And both imbue you with that beautifully warming feeling that carries you through the darkest, coldest days of the year.

I've had tons of tea this winter, of course. But I've also had lots of time to connect with my friends. Some are newer than others, some wiser, and some mildly insane on their best days. But all of them are absolutely wonderful, and I am so glad to be in touch. To everyone I've met, Skyped with, written to, or had a long phone conversation with this past month: thank you for everything you bring to my life. I am so much happier, more sure of myself and on the way to better things only because of the endless and unconditional love, support, and enthusiasm you have given me. Even if you don't think you've helped or that it makes a difference that you've said hello to me... it does. I've been figuring a lot of things out for myself in terms of future goals and self-worth and other scary-sounding things recently, but to have you in my life -- especially this month -- has given me the courage to step forward and the conviction to be happy.

In that respect, it is fitting that this picture of tea was taken at the Jaipur Lit Fest last weekend. I met so many old friends there, and was overwhelmed by the amount of people I knew, and what I knew them for!

But those are stories for another day. Some time when we have a warm cuppa and some biscotti between us.

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  1. :) Amazing photography, as always. Loved bumping into you there. We BOTH did. Picture takes me straight back to JLF. :)