Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Looking Up At Trees Looking Down On Me

Spring in Delhi is possibly my favourite season of all.

But I almost missed [all three weeks of] it this year. I've been buzzing around with purpose lately. You might even say I've been bees-y. Oh, I know. But every second I haven't spent looking out of the viewfinder of my camera, I've spent wishing I had it. My photos are very much a part of the way I view the world. And all of you know that, of course. But it also means that driving past the wonderfully flower-canopied Delhi roads without my camera made me crave it like a pregnant woman craves a piece of dark chocolate.

And so, I very much needed to take my camera out for a walk today. Here is what I saw:

Sleepy seeds, just waking up as I walked by.

A shoe! The other half of this pair was just a few metres away, being used as fuel for a fire.

Callistemons, otherwise known as bottle-brushes.

A thousand different flowers on each stalk. Nature is so, so pretty.

More callistemons!

A lonely mulberry. I think the monkeys ate all the others. Shame.

And finally, a shot for the title.
Oh spring, don't go away.


  1. That last one's brilliant. I haven't looked at this blog in far too long a time, need to catch up now!

  2. Hey ! I really like your blog and find it very inspiring :) I too am a photographer like you and I also love to write poems . Do check my blog out if you ever feel like and give me your feedback .

    Until then looking forward to future posts !

  3. Awwwwww. <3 Delhi, and plus your photography makes it awesome!