Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ode to Everything

I will always remember the night of my college graduation.

There will be none of the pictures I clicked, nor any tangible evidence that the night ever happened. But for so many reasons, it will remain unforgettable. Because of all the hugs savoured, and all the goodbyes that weren't actually said. Because of all the dancing and good conversation. Because I was struck (yet again) by how many people in my life care. And because, for the first time, I let my camera out of arm's reach, and didn't get it back. But as with all truly legendary nights, I would do it all again.

There are so many people I want to thank, not just for making this one night special, but for making college the place it is to me. And when I first sat down to write this post over a week ago, I penned down a whole series of individual thank yous. But then I realised there could be no end to the number of people I could include on that list. So I will deluge you all with my gratitude individually, either in words or in kind, but definitely in due course.

Anyway, with finals nudging their way into the horizon, and people of the night taking off with my belongings, I am a little short on novel photographic adventures right now. So until I can work up the courage to post photos in low-resolution (thank god for camera phones), or the funds to make a shiny new purchase, I will post from the archives. The pictures that have been waiting for their debutante ball. Let's start with a few shots from a day out in Geneva, almost exactly a year ago.

Dandelion fields, duck families, and a sunset. Let's bring on the nostalgia.


  1. Wait wait wait! What happened to your camera??
    Also, loooovely photographs as usual. And aww farewell <3

  2. It got stolen, complete with a night's worth clicking of graduation pictures. And the rest of the contents of my bag.

    Clearly, someone had a lucky night. :P

  3. What will remain etched in your memory will be more elaborate and long lasting than the pictures a camera can ever capture. Pictures, while being beautiful and expressive, may never fully capture the way others have touched your life, or you theirs. All the same, keep clicking. The machines may change but the eye behind the camera must remain the same.

  4. I can't get over how well you write! Its effortless ,enjoyable reading of course with visual treats. And, kabhi alvida na kehna :P did I get that right?

  5. Thank you! You are all so kind.

    And yes, of course you're right. That's the only way to go :)