Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NY Diary, Page Two: Brooklyn

What can I say about Brooklyn? Originally Dutch and presently a multicultural hub for hipsters, Brooklyn is the quintessential suburb. It is, of course, known for being the most populous of all the five boroughs, but it is also large and unsurprisingly empty during the daytime, when all the yuppies presumably jet off to their jobs across in downtown Manhattan, and everyone else bikes over to lay in the grass at Prospect Park. It's a grown-up, less high version of California. With lots of strollers.

Some photos to show you what I mean. (Click on these to see them large!)

Brooklyn is a pretty place to live in,

whether you like parks (and recreation),

 or magic trees.

Whether you like flowers

or think otherwise.

Whether you like cats,

or they like you.

 Whether you like old-fashioned ices in a cup,

or old industrial areas, which like everything else, are kind of colourful too!

Or even if you just like art on walls.

And it's the perfect place to watch the sun set. Whether you're a photographer,

or anybody else, has gorgeous views of Manhattan and the Manhattan Bridge.

(How's that for directed tourism?)

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