Wednesday, May 22, 2013

US Diaries: San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco, where the sea is blue and the sky is clear. Where roads wind into knobbly hills and the sun shines too brightly for fear. (Mild Batman reference, y'all)

SF has people of all colours, you'll find

...those with faith of a modern kind,

..and those who clearly dress with other things in mind.

You'll see people protesting for their right to be seen and heard,

...and others who think all that showing off is absurd.

You'll find pearls of wisdom at every street corner,

...or graffiti done in an indistinct haze of marijuan-er.

Of course, like everyone else, sometimes artists get blue

lose their minds and their shoes,

and find all kinds of muse.

But eventually, if they search hard enough, everyone who comes to California finds what they're looking for...

Whether it's clear or near,

or just something they've never seen before.

A note on the photos: Most of this collection comes from the day I spent walking around a few of San Francisco's famous neighbourhoods. The brightly coloured murals are from the Latino Mission District, one of my favourites. Their vividity really jumps out at you when viewed in person, but in the absence of that, you can just click on them to view them in large. 

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